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Powercore122 Intro

Oct 30, 2017
Hey guys power here I thought I would do this intro deal so here it is.

Too start I've been with the server for the most part I've been here since the very beginning when the server was called funcraft but the history of the server will best for a different post that Firestar311

So as for who I am I'm a gamer both pc (tho my pc needs to be rebuilt) and a console gamer, consoles I own are are SNES N64 GameCube Nintendo switch ps2 (both fat model and slim model) ps3 xbox xbox 360 and xbox one base model (I do plan on it getting the one x tho)

Games I play very i love elite dangerous but I also love open world fantasy such as the elder scrolls series and also love fallout but you can catch me a playing really niche simulators like American truck simulator fairly often but as of writing this my game of choice is Zelda Breath of the Wild on my switch.

My primary role on the server will be looking after most of non minecraft game server's but I still do play minecraft time to time and only modded,if I see rules being broken you will be punished swiftly. As for when I'm available I generally have my iPad close at had so if I need to be reached discord is the best spot

Well i dont think there's anything else for me to add right now but all my user names but I'll add them later well then bye
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