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Nicknames, New Staff Name/Prefix Format and New Staff Rank Colors!


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Oct 9, 2017
Hello FirecraftMC Community, I titled this update differently this time instead of just "Changelog" and a date :)

So I have added a few new things to FirecraftMC, which includes a nickname feature, not every bit of it is implemented yet, but the background code is and the command is ready for use, but I suggest not using it for now (This is for the staff members that can access it).

Now, onto the new formats...
Staff now have completely bold name with a capitalized prefix. This will make it easier to identify staff members in game.
Helper's color is now Yellow and the JrMod, Mod and SrMod color is Purple, Forums and Discord ranks will follow later, but are not updated at the time of this post.
Below is some screenshots on what they look like in game, both in staff chat and global channels.
The Join message for staff members

Global Chat for staff members

Staff Chat format with the new bold

JrMod with the new color

Mod with the new color

Senior Mod with the new color.

That is all for this update, thanks for reading!
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