New Staff Chat stuff, Staff Rank Cleanup, Teleport Requesting, And QoL updates


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Firecraft Team
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Oct 9, 2017
Hello FirecraftMC Community!
It has been a while since an update was posted, so I thought it would be a good idea to do just that.

First off is the fact that staff chat got a bit of an overhaul. Here is what changed...
- It has a new color which is the &9 color code, or BLUE.
- Prefixes are no longer shown in Staff Chat due to the removal of some ranks (more later)
- Firecraft Team and Head Admin have FT and HA respectively due to having the same color
- Teleporting and setting gamemode now have staff chat messages
- Staff chat messages for toggles and setting things are shown to other staff members of the same rank or higher, but regular chatting in staff chat is shown to all staff.

The staff ranks themselves went through an overhaul as well. The current staff ranks are Firecraft Team, Head Admin, Admin, Mod, and Helper.
The colors above are their colors in game and all staff have a bold name in regular chat.

The commands /tpa <player> /tpaccept /tpdeny have been implemented. When you send a request, it expires after 60 seconds. The plugin does support multiple requests at a given time, however, when /tpaccept and /tpdeny are used, the plugins handles the first request to that player. Both are notified when the request expires.

A scoreboard has been added to the main core. It displays the name of the server as the title, your name, your rank (The prefix of it) your current channel, A nickname and vanish (Nickname and vanish will only display based on your rank eventually for now, it is shown to everyone) as well as the online players out of the max players.
I have also added /spawn support to the main plugin, and on respawn, you are put at that location.

Thank you all for reading.
And yes, at this time, the servers are currently down, I am working on the fix, but when the come back, these updates will be on them :)

~ Firestar311 (FirecraftMC Lead Developer and Owner)