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Major Backed Changes and Punishments


Lead Developer
Staff member
Firecraft Team
Quality Assurance
Oct 9, 2017
Hello players of FirecraftMC,
There are quite a few changes, a major feature added and a few promotions to cover, so let’s get started.

First of all is the fact that the whole backend for player data has been completely rewritten. This seriously improved the performance when getting your data and also allows more control on what will/can be saved. There was no data lost in the rewrite so nothing to worry about.

Basic punishments have been implemented into the very core of all servers. I have a list of things that I do plan on adding to it, but they work perfectly and ready to be used as the list contains quality of life stuff.
A note about punishments, temp punishments may take up to 1 minute before they truly expire, this is because they are checked every minute for expire.

We all voted on rank colors for staff and decided on Helper as the Green (&a) and Mod Dark Green (&2). The other ranks for staff remained the same.

Now finally, promotions.
Ko_Senpai is now a Firecraft Team member.
BackyardBully and Eyefeatheristic are now Moderators.

And that is all folks, I am moving onto the next major development project, so until then, see you all later.
- Firestar311 (Firecraft Team Member and Lead Developer)
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