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IMPORTANT FirecraftMC Rules

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Oct 9, 2017
Updated May ,2018
Official FirecraftMC Rules

Abusing Exploits/Glitches
If you find a glitch, exploit or a bug in any of the minigames/gamemodes/servers, we expect that you report it as soon as possible and with as much information as possible so that it can be fixed/resolved. If you are found that you are abusing these glitches/exploits/bugs, you will be banned permanently without hesitation.
Abuse of Reporting and Tickets
Please only create one report or ticket per issue, this applies to both the server and forums. If you are found to be doing this, you will be banned from creating reports and tickets.
Account Security
Always make sure that your Minecraft Account is secure. Compromised accounts, or accounts that are found to have their information posted online will be removed from the server.
Advertising Server Domains/IPs
You are not allowed to post in global chat, links that are not FirecraftMC based. This includes IP addresses of other servers, Discord invites to anything outside of the Public Discord, Streams and Videos not related to FirecraftMC. Staff will be required to check most of them. However if they look harmful, you will be banned.
Punishment Evading
Attempting to bypass a punishment using an alternative account will result in both accounts being permanently banned regardless of the punishment and the length. If you are muted and still want to play on your alternative account, you can ask staff to mute your apt for the length of your main, or just refrain from speaking. Banned accounts do not follow this exception.
Avatars (Forums and Discord)
Please make sure that you have family appropriate avatars on both Discord and the forums, if you have an inappropriate avatar you will be removed and will not be allowed back until it is changed.
Spamming refers to repeating a message 3 or more times in a row, and/or More the 2 all caps words in the same message.
DDOS/DOX Threats
Both of these threats are taken very seriously. If anyone is found to be threatening, attempting or succeeding in these will be permanently removed from our services. We are not responsible for information gained on the attacker’s part, but we will do what we can to prevent it from occurring and making sure the attacker is removed from our services.
Death Threats
Threatening to harm someone physically is another one taken very seriously. If anyone is found to threaten someone in this manner will be removed immediately. The case will be moved up to The Firecraft Team to be removed permanently and completely from our services.
Disrespect - Staff and Player
While browsing the forums, talking on Discord, and playing on the servers, please be respectful to all players and the staff members. Please always to make sure that you don't say something that you would not want said to you. Disrespect will not be tolerated, no matter what on FirecraftMC.
The only giveaways that are allowed on FirecraftMC, are ones that are approved by a member of The Firecraft Team. However, only giveaways that involve FirecraftMC content will be allowed, other types of giveaways, like Minecraft Accounts, Steam Games or any kind of gift card will never be approved. To get a giveaway approved, please send a message to a Firecraft Team member, after creating a post in the giveaway forum, the post will provide us the information and we will make a decision from there.
Any third party modification that gives you a significant advantage over others will not be allowed on FirecraftMC, this also includes the use of Macros for other things then chat. The staff team wants to keep this server fair for everyone, as it makes it far more enjoyable for everyone.
Any form of gamethrowing is not allowed. This rule only really applies to minigame type servers. Gamethrowing is when a teammate does things that hurts the team rather then helps. In COM, this is when Faction members gives away the other members as well as votes a fellow member up when the Town does not have the votes to put them on trial without the faction member's vote.
Inappropriate language
Inappropriate language consists of using words that are considered improper or unsuitable for some purpose or situation and are often found to be offensive. Profanity, or any other form of communication that could be considered offensive is to not be used on the server and will result in being punished.
Inappropriate or harmful links
Any links posting within our community (Server, forums and Discord) will be monitored by the staff team. If you post a link that is offensive, inappropriate, or harmful to community, you will be removed permanently, without question and with absolutely no second chances.
Inappropriate skin/cape/name
Those found with an inappropriate skin and/or cape will be warned and asked to make a change. If after the warning, you continue to disobey this rule, will be removed from the server.
Those with an inappropriate name will be asked to change the name. If you cannot change the name when confronted, you will be banned from the server until you can do so, which you will have to make a Ban Appeal and prove that you changed the name. Although we have a nickname feature, we will not issue nicknames to hide the inappropriate name.
English Only
While we respect the fact that some of our players may come from other countries, we ask that you speak only English in public chat. Those found not speaking English will be temporarily muted on each offense, until a permanent mute is issued for multiple offenses. Our staff team mostly only knows English and therefore cannot moderate other languages.
Scamming of any kind will not be tolerated on FirecraftMC whatsoever. This includes but not limited to, giveaways, trades and purchases made for others. Most things are logged and can be seen by the Moderation team. Those found scamming will be punished accordingly.
Another form of scamming covered under this rule is making a purchase for someone else then charging back. These cases will be handled by The Firecraft Team, and can be seen how a purchase was made, if a scam related to this is found, the victim will be unbanned, and the infraction cleared, and the scammer will receive the punishment instead.
As with the Inappropriate content based rules, signatures follow the same thing, and will be monitored by the staff team. If you are found to have an inappropriate signature, it will be removed, and your privilege for signatures will be revoked.
Anyone found selling goods or services owned by FirecraftMC for in real life money, will be removed from the server. We also do not advise that any trades are made on the server through exchanging server items or cash for donation related perks. FirecraftMC is not responsible for any scams that occur regarding trades / purchases made with in real life money. Items and cash will not be refunded, however, those found scamming will still be punished accordingly.
Impersonation is a serious offense here on FirecraftMC. People have different reasons for doing such a thing, but let it be known that it will not be tolerated. If you witness someone impersonating a staff member, or someone of one of our special ranks to gain attention, please get in contact with an actual staff member, either in game with reporting, or messaging, on the forums via a private message or on the Discord. If for some reason, you cannot get in contact with someone, gather as much evidence as you can, and create a report on the forums. If you do believe it is a nicked staff member, or special ranked player, still report them as nicknames are logged for the administration team.
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