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FirecraftMC Changelog March 23rd 2018


Lead Developer
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Firecraft Team
Quality Assurance
Oct 9, 2017
Not a whole log of changes for this one as I was fixing a bug that was occurring.

- Rewrote staff chat to make is cleaner, more efficient and fix a bug with ranks not updating.
- Added basic support for future updates and commands
- Added the alias /c for /chat
- Added an alias for staff and global chats in the /chat command; /chat s for staff and /chat g for global, can use the /c alias for the command itself.
- Added configurable ports for the sockets so that the dev test servers do not interfere with production servers, port can be changed so that all servers connect to the same socket if needed.

Not a lot of changes for normal players, but for staff, just some fixes and tweaks to staff chat. I will be working on new commands for the vip type rank and above now that staff chat is fixed.
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