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New Staff Chat stuff, Staff Rank Cleanup, Teleport Requesting, And QoL updates

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Hello FirecraftMC Community!
It has been a while since an update was posted, so I thought it would be a good idea to do just that.

First off is the fact that staff chat got a bit of an overhaul. Here is what changed...
- It has a new color which is the &9 color code, or BLUE.
- Prefixes are no longer shown in Staff Chat due to the removal of some ranks (more later)
- Firecraft Team and Head Admin have FT and HA respectively due to having the same color
- Teleporting and setting gamemode now have staff chat messages
- Staff chat messages for toggles and setting things are shown to other staff members of the same rank or higher, but regular chatting in staff chat is shown to all staff.

The staff ranks themselves went through an overhaul as well. The current staff ranks are Firecraft Team, Head Admin, [COLOR=rgb(255, 85...

Nicknames, New Staff Name/Prefix Format and New Staff Rank Colors!

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Hello FirecraftMC Community, I titled this update differently this time instead of just "Changelog" and a date :)

So I have added a few new things to FirecraftMC, which includes a nickname feature, not every bit of it is implemented yet, but the background code is and the command is ready for use, but I suggest not using it for now (This is for the staff members that can access it).

Now, onto the new formats...
Staff now have completely bold name with a capitalized prefix. This will make it easier to identify staff members in game.
Helper's color is now Yellow and the JrMod, Mod and SrMod color is Purple, Forums and Discord ranks will follow later, but are not updated at the time of this post.
Below is some screenshots on what they look like in game, both in staff chat and global channels.
The Join message for staff members

Global Chat for staff members...

FirecraftMC Changelog March 23rd 2018

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Not a whole log of changes for this one as I was fixing a bug that was occurring.

- Rewrote staff chat to make is cleaner, more efficient and fix a bug with ranks not updating.
- Added basic support for future updates and commands
- Added the alias /c for /chat
- Added an alias for staff and global chats in the /chat command; /chat s for staff and /chat g for global, can use the /c alias for the command itself.
- Added configurable ports for the sockets so that the dev test servers do not interfere with production servers, port can be changed so that all servers connect to the same socket if needed.

Not a lot of changes for normal players, but for staff, just some fixes and tweaks to staff chat. I will be working on new commands for the vip type rank and above now that staff chat is fixed.

FirecraftMC Changelog March 15th 2018

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First ever changelog, there was a lot of backend stuff to do for this changelog, future changelogs will hold more as a lot of backend has been created

- Completely redid how player data is stored and updated
- Changed it so that only Firecraft Team members can change ranks
- Added Global and Staff chat support
- Added Gamemode and Teleport commands, gated behind ranks

I also added servers on Multicraft for the future plans, they will show on Staff Chat

Xenforo 2.0 Upgrade

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The website has been upgraded to Xenforo 2.0. This is the latest version of the software that has finally come out of Beta. Not all of the addons we had before work on this version and I still have to do some cleanup from the old installation (Like all of the files related to the addons).

Please be patient as well, there are some new permissions and features in this version that I need to reconfigure.

Firestar311 - FirecraftMC Lead Developer

Welcome to FirecraftMC Reborn

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Welcome all to the FirecraftMC Reborn Forums.
The forums are under construction and the server is even more so. As of right now, only staff and the build team are allowed onto the server. Updates will be posted on the forums as to our progress and when we are ready for Alpha and Beta testers to help us out.
Stay Tuned!